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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Working My Death Company

I've begun to think about how I'm going to run my Death Company.

Since I always plan on taking them with jump packs (I mean come one, they definitely look coolest that way.) That's what most of my tactics will focus on.

First of all, I probably won't take them with any more than 5 or 6, one of them will definitely be Lemartes most of the time. I just love that guy. The death company are more than survivable enough to make it at this size in smaller games.

I am planning on equipping them with Power Fists and Power Weapons, as well as the occasional Thunder Hammer, because they just aren't expensive enough already. This will give them the additional advantage of being able to take out those little rhinos the enemy sends to take advantage of their rage rule, as well as to help out agains tarpit units (I'm hoping the smaller number of attacks will make up for themselves with effectiveness). That's about it for the unit itself, though in absolutely big games, I will put them in a storm raven with a buddy Death Co. Dread just for the extra control.

As an additional measure, I will probably keep a 10 man RAS hanging around, possibly supported by a SP. If I equip the RAS with meltaguns and keep them in something of a wall in front of the Death Co. this should provide several benefits.
1.) Provide cover for the Death Co., always handy. The FNP provided by the priest will make this especially effective.
2.)Take out transports and "bunnies" early. The added range of the meltaguns will provide a way to get things out of their transports for one, and for two will make extra short work of any vehicles they might use to take advantage of rage.
3.)The RAS could take a charge, providing the Death Co. an opportunity to counter-charge, making the most of their Furious charge rules.

That's about it. I can't wait for the codex coming this April... it's so fortunate for me that it comes out so close to my birthday!

Until next time!

New Codex Musings: not very coherent.

I'm lamenting the loss of control over the Death Company, but whatever. I'm not really a competitive person, so I'll go on using them. I went through all the trouble of painting them after all.

Anyways, I think Librarians look very nice, I've always wanted to take one but they weren't that great before. The new ones have me very excited, however, and I even went through the trouble of making my old one look all nice. I made a little conversion out of it, and hopefully I can get some decent pics up later.

The Reclusiarch is neat, I'll probably be using it a lot since I love my JP chaplain model. I read that a chaplain can be taken as an elites choice? That should be interesting. Chaplains are some of my favorite units, so maybe I'll make a list that uses all of my models... should be interesting.

I wish I had more dreads (and pods) because I would really like to field a dread heavy army, as dreadnoughts are pretty much my second favorite units. Not to mention Librarian
dreadnoughts! (interesting conversion opportunities!)

I'm definitely going to have to get my hands on some Baals now (lol, terrible pun, ew) since I have ZERO fast attack choices as-is.

Vanguard veterans have me very excited, I have a bunch of leftover power-weapons that I am throwing onto my extra guys in anticipation. I LOVE JUMP PACK TROOPS.

I'm going to say it now: My dream list is going to include Reclusiarch, Chaplain, Dreads in Pods, Baals, Assault Squads. Possibly some sanguinary priests?

I am also going to build up a sort of opposite list that has no Death Co., it will be lead by a librarian.
It would go like: Librarian, Vanguard Veterans, Maybe one assault squad, A couple of tac squds, Baals and Vindis. Some sanguinary priests would probably fit in here too.

I know I'm not really going anywhere with these lists (or this post for that matter, but whatever :S)

Those sanguinary guard models are pretty sweet looking, and while I probably won't be using that unit, there are just too many nice bits floating in that box not to buy it. I'll be pimping out the rest of my army with some of that bling. Should be pretty nice.

Anyways, that's about all I feel like typing for now.

Let me just say this: People won't cry CHEESE when they see my army. NUFF SAID

I made a techmarine dreadnought-

The local GW is having an event all throughout this month titled "No Guns no Glory" or something to that effect. The big gimmick is that we can have as many "mercenary units" as we like. The mercenary units are a bunch of them that they made up, but we have to model them WYSIWYG, which basically means we are going to have to make a bunch of models that look cool, but at the end of the month will be basically useless except for a few in store events every now and then. But that's okay.

Anyways, one of the options was a Technought, a techmarine dreadnought. I'm quite satisfied with my work, though he looks a bit goofy in my opinion.

Here he is:

His hammer is made from one of the objective markers that came in the Battle for Macragge starter set, as well as the bit that connects the siege shield to the vindicator in that kit connected to the arm using one of the "lids" that goes on a vehicle's hatch.

This servo-arm was made with random bits from the vindicator as well as what I'm assuming is an old chaos Dreadnought claw. It took a bit of imagination to get this together.

I also put a space marine's body and head into the face, I thought it would look neat. The process of cutting the faceplate off scared me at first but it turned out quite well I think!

Finally the conversion beamer. I made it using the dread's multi-melta arm, the bullet that hangs off of the back of the vindicator, and some random bit I had. The other side of the arm (the part that attaches to the dread) stuck out a lot, so I stuck the base from that objective marker I used the rest of to cover it up!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Probably My Best List So Far:

In the wake of my first ever victory, I wanted show everyone my army list. I quite like it, at 1500 points, it includes almost all of my favorite models/units (that I own).




Honor Guard
Standard Bearer
Sanguinary Priest
Power Fist
Jump Packs


Death Company x8
Jump Packs

Veteran Assault Squad x10
Power Fist
Combat Shield
Power Weapon x2


Tactical Squad x5
Power Fist
Extra Armor

Tactical Squad x10
Plasma Cannon
Flamer (? I can't remember if I put this in or not)

Heavy Support:

Extra Armor

So that's about it. I know the lack of troops is going to make it weak when there are objectives to be had, but hopefully I'll be able to kill off enough of the enemy scoring units to make them count.

Some Small Progress

So the holidays are over now... MEH.

Anyways, I'm happy I got a lot done, and I definitely got a little better at painting. I also brought home my first victory ever (and in the game after, my opponent won their first victory against me as well!).

Here is a picture of the Honor Guard I am working on Right now.

Since this pic was taken I have done A little more work and nearly finished them. I'll post them up when they are done.

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Lemartes! Finished!

I have been looking forward to painting this model for ages!

While I had my doubts during the process, I really feel he came through in the end. It's not much, but considering I only spent about two hours on him, I'm pretty satisfied.

Anyways, here he is:

As usual, sorry for the poor picture quality, I tried my best!

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Veteran Assault Squad First Five Finished

So there they are.

I am quite proud, they turned out even better than my last squad.

I tried to freehand the Blood Angels insignia on that Combat Shield. It's not accurate at all, but I think it turned out looking okay, although not professional looking at all!

As for the power weapons, I was disappointed. I ended up going way too heavy on the white. But still, they look pretty good. I also like the way all of their wings and the two chainswords came out.

Pretty darned good if I do say so myself!

Also, keep an eye out for my next post, which will have my slightly converted counts as Lemartes model. It was my first try with greenstuff, so I had a little fun (I should have tried something less important!)