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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Working My Death Company

I've begun to think about how I'm going to run my Death Company.

Since I always plan on taking them with jump packs (I mean come one, they definitely look coolest that way.) That's what most of my tactics will focus on.

First of all, I probably won't take them with any more than 5 or 6, one of them will definitely be Lemartes most of the time. I just love that guy. The death company are more than survivable enough to make it at this size in smaller games.

I am planning on equipping them with Power Fists and Power Weapons, as well as the occasional Thunder Hammer, because they just aren't expensive enough already. This will give them the additional advantage of being able to take out those little rhinos the enemy sends to take advantage of their rage rule, as well as to help out agains tarpit units (I'm hoping the smaller number of attacks will make up for themselves with effectiveness). That's about it for the unit itself, though in absolutely big games, I will put them in a storm raven with a buddy Death Co. Dread just for the extra control.

As an additional measure, I will probably keep a 10 man RAS hanging around, possibly supported by a SP. If I equip the RAS with meltaguns and keep them in something of a wall in front of the Death Co. this should provide several benefits.
1.) Provide cover for the Death Co., always handy. The FNP provided by the priest will make this especially effective.
2.)Take out transports and "bunnies" early. The added range of the meltaguns will provide a way to get things out of their transports for one, and for two will make extra short work of any vehicles they might use to take advantage of rage.
3.)The RAS could take a charge, providing the Death Co. an opportunity to counter-charge, making the most of their Furious charge rules.

That's about it. I can't wait for the codex coming this April... it's so fortunate for me that it comes out so close to my birthday!

Until next time!

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